Writing inspirations – a panorama of Port Jackson from north head

Today’s writing inspiration for writers of all persuasions is a photo I took of Port Jackson – Sydney harbour – looking back from the north head.

Port Jackson - Sydney Harbour - on a sunny Saturday.
Port Jackson – Sydney Harbour – on a sunny Saturday.

The first European to set eyes on it was James Cook, who passed by in 1770 and named it after Sir George Jackson, a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty. It became the centre of a penal colony, 18 years later, partly by chance. The initial effort to set up at Botany Bay, a little around the coast, foundered for lack of water. But a stream was found in Port Jackson – the Tank Stream, running down between what are now George and Pitt Streets in central Sydney.

I find it inspiring to imagine the place as it once was, 250 years ago – a landscape bare to European eyes, yet a flourishing home for the Gadigal people among others.

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