Historical headlines in the style of internet click-bait…

I hate internet click-bait – you know, those annoying two-phrase teaser tags that tell you how you’ll respond to some open-ended assertion.

What if headlines had always been written that way? Like these:

  1. You won’t believe what Neil Armstrong said on the Moon!
  2. This common domestic product will destroy movies – find out what studio execs hate!
  3. Chamberlain lied! See what he lied about here!
  4. You won’t believe who was hiding on this train to Finland!
  5. These brothers snubbed the Smithsonian – find out how they did it from their bicycle factory!
  6. You won’t believe what happened to Charles II of England!
  7. 5 facts about the solar system that the inquisition didn’t get from this man!

For a bit of holiday season fun, what do all these refer to? Comments please!

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3 thoughts on “Historical headlines in the style of internet click-bait…

  1. 1 – “God, it’s cold” or “Hey, Buzz, I can see your house from here”
    2 – Domestos
    3 – How tall he was when he joined the army
    4 – Father Christmas
    5 – Tempted to say the Marx brothers, but not sure what their connection is to bicycles
    6 – He was sent off playing for Aston Villa in a game against Chelsea
    7 – Carl Sagan

    Do I win a prize?


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