Welcome to 2015, and hope for a wonderful year to come

For me a new year always seems to bring a sense of anticipation. We cannot know our future – but we can influence what happens, have direction, and hold to our dreams.

Yes, like a geeky Tolkien fan I had to pose in the entrance, such as it was - you could circle it, just like the door Aslan made to get rid of the Telmarines in .Prince Caspian'.
Yes, that’s me doing the Tolkien fan thing.

That, for me, is the promise of a new year. And it seems to me, as climate change becomes a pressing reality and the world seems beset with senseless hatreds and wars, that them most urgent thing facing all of us in 2015, wherever we are, is the need to be kind to each other.

Kindness isn’t difficult, and it expresses in small ways, like opening a door for someone or letting them through ahead of you. If everybody on Earth behaved to each other with kindness, care, thoughtfulness and tolerance the world would, I think, be a far better place. It’s maybe a pipe-dream, but these things start in small ways, and it’s up to us individually to make that start.

I am not, of course, the only person to have suggested this.

What have I got lined up for you? Lots of stuff. More blogging, for sure – with the usual writing tips, science, and maybe some posts commenting about the world in general. It’s going to be an exciting year scientifically, what with New Horizons racing through the Pluto system mid-year. Hopefully returning data, and not slamming into some bit of debris we can’t see from Earth.

I’ve got plans for my own writing, which have been brewing for a while. You’ll find out as they unfold – suffice to say, it’s going to be exciting. For me, certainly, and I hope also for you. Watch this space!

The first big thing, in just a few weeks, is the release of my book Man Of Secrets – The Private Life of Donald McLean (Penguin Random House). It’s been years in the making. More soon.

Meanwhile, have a great New Year holiday everyone, keep safe, and, above all – have fun!

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015, and hope for a wonderful year to come

  1. Happy New Year Matt! It’s just afternoon here in the Southwest US (Arizona) so we are looking forward to fun parties.

    Love your blog – the craft of writing holds many secrets and mysteries and it’s always fun coming over here to get your take on things!


  2. Happy New Year, Matthew! It has been a pleasure to follow you on your blog this year. I look forward to reading more fascinating posts and learning along with you.


    1. All the best for 2015 – thanks for your kind thoughts, and I’ve certainly got some interesting stuff lined up for the blog this year. Interesting for me and, I hope, for you too!


    1. Kindness is such a simple thing, isn’t it – as you say, powerful, and often overlooked. All the best for 2015 – and for your work! And may many further doors open for you in that journey.


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