Summer writing inspirations – layers of blue to a far horizon

Every so often something abstract presents itself to me as I peer through the viewfinder of my camera. Such as this scene, empty but for the layers of contrasting colour to the horizon.

Layers of contrasting colour...
Layers of contrasting colour across a summer Pacific ocean.

I find such scenes inspiring – a blank canvas upon which the imagination can roam. And I hope you do too.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2015

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7 thoughts on “Summer writing inspirations – layers of blue to a far horizon

  1. I remember seeing all those layers of blue when we flew out to the Marshall Islands. The dark blue of the Pacific, and how it would lighten up into turquoise and green and white as you came over the beach. I’m surprised I didn’t put a nose-shaped dent in the window, staring out at the ocean.

    1. The sea here off Hawkes Bay gets that tropical look in summer. In this area the layered blue is caused in part by alluvial deposits, greywacke mostly, on the sea bed. Amazing to look at.

    1. I’d better not mention the temperature when I took the photo! 🙂 Of course, in six months the northern hemisphere will be in summer and we’ll be in winter down here in New Zealand…

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