Writing inspirations – the incongruity of standing alone

A tree I found on the foreshore in Hawke’s Bay seems somehow brave and yet also fragile in a place where there are few other trees.

Brave and yet incongruous...
Brave and yet incongruous…

When I think about it, this sole tree – standing there with the slender protection of that fence – somehow encapsulates what it is to be a writer – standing out there where you’re likely to be weathered by the elements, largely alone. And yet not. I find that inspiring. Do you?

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7 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – the incongruity of standing alone

  1. That’s a powerful image. It’s like a writer after placing his work out there for all to see. It’s just the writer versus all the elements.

    1. In some ways. In others, I think the richness of the experience of writing – and the fact that the product will be shared by others – is very much a shared and inclusive activity. Alone and yet not.

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