Writing inspirations – almost a slice of Gotham city

There is a corner in Wellington, New Zealand, that could almost be Gotham city – two art deco buildings in close proximity with newer structures around.

Shades of Gotham in central Wellington, a bit.
Shades of Gotham in central Wellington, a bit.

The full Gotham illusion disappeared several years ago when one of the buildings was raised by several floors, in distinctly modern style. Which means that today a photo of the buildings and some of their neighbours captures not just the styles of the 1930s, but the abstract shapes of architectural styles spanning nearly eighty years. I find that pretty inspiring. Do you?

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3 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – almost a slice of Gotham city

  1. Oh, that is gorgeous, and the newer buildings to the side help it look better.

    When I lived in Singapore there was one large building which had at top some Art Deco-ish statues of human figures standing at attention holding large spheres; it was perfect for that Gotham City look and all the more attention-getting for being a bit out of line with the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

    1. There’s another corner down the same street with a couple of streamline deco examples, recently restored to original glory. I must post a pic of them. Singapore architecture’s interesting – last time I was there they appeared to be constructing a building in the shape of a giant set of insect compound eyes near Clark Quay. I think that’s what they were, anyway…

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