Writing inspirations – little house I used to live in

I used to live in one of the houses in this photo, on the south edge of Karori Park in Wellington, New Zealand. I won’t say which – it’s thirty years since I was there and I have no idea who lives there now. But I remember the place, and I remember being able to look out on the park while I tapped out my thesis on my mechanical typewriter, and Madonna got into the groove on the stereo.

Little house I used to live in...
Little house I used to live in…

The ‘Young Ones’ were still showing on New Zealand TV. And, on the other side of the park, Katherine Mansfield’s childhood home still stood. Actually, it’s still there now.

I’d already written my first books, as part of what amounted to an internship with the New Zealand Forest Service. But I had no idea where that might lead. Or whether I might ever really write professionally, though even then, that was what I wanted to do.

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    1. It is. They’ve improved the park since I lived there – where the lime path runs used to be just boggy grass. A small watershed, now diverted into a very nice miniature wetland and brook. It’s a delightful area these days.

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