Writing inspirations – walking on the stones of years

Rugged beaches are amazingly inspiring places. The sea brings chaos to the stones, artfully displaying them in ways that almost look crafted, then layers them with the detritus of distant places. It leaves us wondering about where that debris came from, and how it ended up just there before your feet.

Beach stones, Makara, New Zealand.
Beach stones, Makara, New Zealand.

I think that’s pretty inspiring for any writer. And does anybody know what I am getting at with the title of this post?

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9 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – walking on the stones of years

  1. I find beaches, shorelines and seaside cliffs very inspiring. They’re beautiful places full of history. My own hometown lakeside is a favourite and a source of inspiration.

  2. You never know what you’re going to find washed up on a seashore…I remember that from beachcombing in the Marshall Islands. Don’t know the reference but when you can find artifacts spanning 50 or 60 years of difference within a few feet of each other, well …

    1. True! The sea informs us in so many ways – bringing us layers of the past. That certainly applies. That said, the specific post title is a particular music reference (albeit obscure) – I’ll reveal it shortly.

    2. It’s a reference to “Stones of Years”, Track 2 from Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s 1970 “Tarkus” album. A song that had nothing to do with stones or inspirations…or years…But Brit prog lyrics always were rather curious. I always wanted a Modular Moog the size of Keith Emerson’s – very cool. I do own a Moog synth, but it’s not to that scale…

    1. It’s a reference to Emerson Lake and Palmer’s ‘Tarkus’ album (1970), second song in the Tarkus suite, ‘Stones of Years’. Although the lyrics don’t have anything much to say about stones, or years, funnily enough. In fact, I can’t actually understand them at all. But that’s Brit Seventies Prog for you.

  3. The clip doesn’t seem to be taken from their ‘glory’ years, or I hope not, although I know the name even if I can’t name any of their songs. On another note, I live near a river, and often get ideas walking along the bank watching the birds going about their lives, which I think is a similar kind of thing.

    1. I think it’s a later rendition, possibly after Emerson had his Moog refurbished. Yes, there’s something about flowing water and the environments around it that provokes us to think.

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