Writing inspirations – celebrating a moment of dieselpunk

Long-time readers of this blog will probably know what a great fan I am of art deco and all things deco-styled. Including this Airstream-based coffee cart in Napier, New Zealand. It’s a fabulous shape, capturing the quintessential sci-fi look of the mid-twentieth century that often makes me think of Robert A. Heinlein’s stories.

Airstream coffee bar, Napier, New Zealand.
Airstream coffee bar, Napier, New Zealand.

And if there was ever a great author – and I don’t qualify that with ‘science fiction’, though he was that too, it was Heinlein. A thought to inspire.

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4 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – celebrating a moment of dieselpunk

  1. Those mid-twentieth-century items come in all shapes and sizes. I still have a 1950-ish “Waring Blendor” in my kitchen that I inherited from my mom and dad. The base is made of heavy chrome (?–I think!) in a kind of stairstep pattern like the New York Chrysler Building, and the top is heavy glass in a fluted pattern. The whole thing screams out “This is the kitchen of the future!” I love it and have never replaced it.

    1. There’s something about these deco appliance designs that is completely classic – it doesn’t just speak “twentieth century modernism”, it shouts it out from the rooftops. Good stuff!

      1. The mysterious thing about that sort of streamlined/deco look is that while it is dated, it doesn’t look old. It still looks like a coming, shiny future.

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