So, on whose coat tails should writers hang?

One of the neat things about Wellington, New Zealand, is that every so often you find a statue of somebody important, and can pose next to it as if their importance might somehow reflect on to you.

Wright_Gandalf I found this one in Miramar, near Peter Jackson’s studios. It is possible that there may have been better or more influential fantasy writers during the mid-twentieth century than J R R Tolkien. But in my opinion, probably not. After all, it’s instantly obvious to any passer-by who’s being commemorated here. And there was, of course, but one thing to do…

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6 thoughts on “So, on whose coat tails should writers hang?

  1. Matthew, there’s a public library in the little town of Cornelius, not far north of Charlotte, NC, with a statue of Mark Twain sitting on a bench outside the library. I might just have to have a picture of myself made there!

  2. Awesome picture, Matthew. If I were there, I would insist on the same thing.

    I’m waiting for someone to erect statues of Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Gordon R. Dickson, Jerry Pournelle, Robert Sheckley, Terry Pratchett, and…the list goes on. I’ll be riding on their coattails. 😉

    1. Ditto! Now I think about it, Weta Workshop did a camera-as-Martian war machine sculpture outside tbe cinema Jackson used to premier The Hobbit 1 in central Wellington. Not much of a stretch to H G Wells… Hard to get an author coat-tail photo though – this sucker is basically 1:1 scale…

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