Writing inspirations – bright skies before a tropical rain

A couple of autumns back I spent a week on Rarotonga, where I took this slightly dramatic picture of a tropical storm looming.

Tropical rain approaching in Rarotonga.
Tropical rain approaching in Rarotonga.

Luckily I was able to get my camera packed away before the storm broke. It was an evocative moment; the feeling of oppression, the stillness – and then the rain, with its feeling of relief. A moment to inspire writing? Absolutely.  You?

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5 thoughts on “Writing inspirations – bright skies before a tropical rain

  1. I’d had a lovely moment like that once in Singapore. We were at Fort Siloso, the historic British fort, and peering out from one of the observation platforms when I saw a wall of rain moving in and told my friend, “Get back inside.” He had no idea why until I pointed him to it a couple times. I think some lightning helped.

    1. They get abysmally heavy rain there – I recall being caught in a downpour on Clarke Quay, luckily not too far from shelter. And twenty minutes after it started, it was all over. Tropics!

    1. It was a bit of a snapshot – I was sitting on the bar-patio of one of the resorts when the scene unfolded. We got to finish our beer before the rain hit…

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