Blue Water Kiwis: cover reveal!

I’ve got some exciting news – my book Blue Water Kiwis, my history of New Zealand’s military aviation to the end of the Cold War, is being republished as No. 3 in a new military series by Intruder Books. Here’s the cover.

Blue Water Kiwis cover - 450 px

bluewaterBlue Water Kiwis was first published in 2001 by Reed NZ Ltd, marking the sixtieth anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s founding – though the book itself was about a good deal more than that, tracing New Zealand’s naval story from the early 1870s. I received a good deal of support from the RNZN.

The new edition marks the first time it’s been available in over a decade. It’s being released for Kindle initially, and follows the two earlier titles in my re-released military history series. Don’t forget to check ’em out – here.

If you haven’t got a Kindle, you can get a Kindle reader for PC or whatever device you own, here. And watch this space…

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5 thoughts on “Blue Water Kiwis: cover reveal!

  1. I tried to get ‘The New Zealand Wars’ via Amazon, but they were unable to supply it. Do you know where can I get it?


    1. It should be available in any New Zealand retail bookstore – either because they’re stocking it, or by order via their usual supplier channels. I’m surprised Amazon can’t supply it – my publishers released the book, in print, to the North American market back in January. Let me know how you get on – if there are any issues, I can talk to the publisher and see what I can do. I’m certainly keen to make sure you get a copy, if you’re looking for one!


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