A dieselpunk short story writing challenge

Here’s another super-short writing challenge.

Use the photo to inspire a 150-200 word super-short story – a proper one, with beginning, middle, end and punchline (all super-short stories gotta have a punchline) – and post it on your blog, with the prompt photo and a link back to this blog for others to pick up and join in the fun.

Coffee cart in an Airstream caravan, Napier, New Zealand - open for business...
Coffee cart in an Airstream caravan, Napier, New Zealand – open for business… http://www.mjwrightnz.wordpress.com

This is an Airstream caravan, made into a coffee cart, in Napier, New Zealand. Usually I don’t suggest topics, but this time – well, this cart is SO Flash Gordon dieselpunk SF era it’s not funny. And so that’s today’s theme. Yup – Flash opens a coffee bar on Mongo… (well, not really…)

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5 thoughts on “A dieselpunk short story writing challenge

    1. Great story! Dieselpunk is such a fun genre – if you can, check out Doc Smith’s ‘Spacehounds of IPC’ of 1930 which is hilarious (only slightly intentionally on Smith’s part). It’s online somewhere – I think it got captured by Project Gutenberg.

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        1. That’s him. To me he founded dieselpunk, though I guess he didn’t know it at the time. ‘Spacehounds’ is a classic – and is monolithically silly, which I am sure Smith knew only too well. Apparently Heinlein had him on about it (they were good friends).

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