‘Battle for Crete’: cover reveal!

My book Battle for Crete: New Zealand’s Near-Run Affair, a brief history of New Zealand’s close-run defeat on Crete in 1941, is being republished as part of a new military series by Intruder Books. It’s the third time this title’s been released – and this time you’ll be able to get it instantly, on Kindle. Here’s the cover.

Wright - Battle for Crete - 450 px I really like this. To me, it echoes the colour tonings and style of the 1940s – but with a modern twist.

I wrote this book in 1999, and it was published in 2000 by Reed NZ Ltd under the title A Near-Run Affair. Reed republished it in 2003 with a new title, which has been retained for the mildly revised Intruder Books edition. This new edition is available at an introductory price of $US 3.99 and marks the first time it’s been available in over a decade. It follows Intruder’s re-issue of three earlier titles in my military history series. Don’t forget to check ’em out – here. If you haven’t got a Kindle, you can get a Kindle reader for whatever device you own, here.

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2 thoughts on “‘Battle for Crete’: cover reveal!

  1. Most cool! The battle for Crete was a tough one for both sides. Hitler cancelled paratroop operations afterward because their casualty rate was so high. This is a great battle that is often overlooked.

    1. It was very much a sideline in terms of scale on the world stage and is often forgotten. But as you say, pivotal in other ways. The fact that the paratroops were never again deployed saved Malta from similar attack, which the Germans planned. And Malta was the lynch pin of the Mediterranean and key to the British ability to stop the Axis getting Middle East oil. At this level, Crete played its part. For NZ it was big… but the bulk of our land force was engaged there…

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