My bookshelves are a mess and I can’t be bothered fixing them…

I’ve long lost count of the number of books I have in my personal library. I think it’s about 2000, but I’m not sure.

One of my bookshelves...
One of my bookshelves…

That’s because large chunks of the collection are sitting in tubs in the shed, waiting for shelf space. And the rest of it is rammed, in virtually any order, into available shelving.

Needless to say, it’s faster for me to jump on the computer and check out Google Books or Project Gutenberg than it is to find a copy of something I know I have somewhere in the collection.

So the other day I decided to fix the problem. Maybe even put the non-fiction into Dewey order.

I was like, YEAH, I’m gonna do this thing. I’m gonna pull out all the tubs from the shed and find those Heinleins, and get ‘em into the shelf alongside Hemingway and sort out all my Tolkien meta-books and get them into one place and DEAL to the non-fiction history collection, and put my rare/historic books into order and – and –

I got one shelf done before I ran out of steam…

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19 thoughts on “My bookshelves are a mess and I can’t be bothered fixing them…

  1. I have got to the point where I have to have a book cull every few weeks, otherwise me and my partner would get swallowed up in my book collection.

  2. I’m waiting to win Lotto so I can build a house with a library – it’s been my dream since I was a kid to have a house with a library. I have thousands of books too, although I have a pretty good idea where they all are. They’re sort of sorted, but Dewey is just one of Donald Duck’s nephews. 🙂

    1. I could do with Huey and Louie to help sort my books as well! Their Junior Woodchucks manual must have some wisdom on how to do it… 🙂 Actually, under the Dewey system much of my non-fiction would end up falling under ‘993’ and various decimal sub-classes therein.

      1. The vast majority of mine would all end up in the 940s, especially 940-944. I should have more under 993 – perhaps I should be buying up some more titles by that bloke Matthew Wright? 🙂

    1. I want to dig out all my Heinleins, which I am pretty sure are in the top layer of my shed tub-stack (luckily) – I had most of the ‘juveniles’ in their 1970s Ace editions.

  3. Fortunately I have a few years’ growth in my library, but for my old, much smaller house, a boatie mate said don’t forget to use the dead space over the inside of doors by building a shelf. The downstairs loo hosts my Pacific explorers and the upstairs laundry has all my yachting classics….

    1. Boaties know how to extract every last cubic centimetre out of available space! True also for those of us with personal libraries, I suspect. My wife recently bought a Kindle, which is a lot more efficient space-wise, but which seems to lack something essential in terms of what constitutes a ‘book’…

  4. I know the feeling. Congrats on getting 1 shelf done.
    I have at least 3 shelves for medical books. The only one I’ve given away was my psych book. After I started writing I regretted not having it. Then there’s my husband’s books–from hunting to photography. I do have reference books separate from fiction, but it’s still something of a mishmash.
    I gave away a mess of books every time we moved, but they still seem to pile up. I use my Kindle a lot, but there are local authors that I like to support.
    I wish you the best on your endeavor!

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