Introducing Cam Suttler

My sci-fi novella ‘Missionary’ is about to be released by Endless Worlds publications, part of an anthology of seven sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories.

Here’s a picture the publisher commissioned of the lead character from my story, Cam Suttler. I think it’s an awesome realisation that completely captures who I had in mind – someone who’s seen better days but who has to – well, you’ll have to read the story, won’t you.


More soon. ‘Missionary’. It’s out on 13 November.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Cam Suttler

  1. Congratulations! I’m encouraged to see a rise in novellas coming to print.
    I’ve been following your blog for a while, so I hope you don’t mind me asking: Do you know the novella market well? I’ve got a philosophical novella (light on philosophy, really a “supposal” story). Do you know who is publishing that sort of thing? I seem to be able to type out words okay; I’m just not a very clever marketer.

    1. Marketing is a closely guarded secret that has always eluded me too! ☺ The novella is part of an anthology being released by an Australian publisher. The compilation is being widely promoted by the publisher and authors through all the usual social media channels. And it has a staged release: next week is the Kindle edition, with the full release in print and ebook format to follow in February 2016. We are all hopeful of good results!

    1. It’s a great cover, isn’t it. The publishers tell me the book will be getting an even better one in February when it’s fully released – this is the e-book special edition. I haven’t seen the intended new cover, but I’ve seen some of the artwork by the selected artist – truly amazing talent.

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