‘Missionary’. A Black Friday launch on Kindle!

It’s funny where the twists and turns of writing have taken me.

Suttler_MissionaryI was originally trained in fiction writing. I switched to non-fiction in part because that’s the larger market in New Zealand and I’m qualified in the fields I write in. And that worked pretty well for a while.

But fiction’s always been there.

Today my first story in a while – a novella – has been released in special Kindle-only early edition by Endless Worlds Publications. It’s one of seven stories in the first Endless Worlds anthology. Naturally you need to check all the others out as well – you won’t be disappointed.

This Kindle-only early release is being followed, in February, by the full print and electronic edition. I won’t barrage you with a sales pitch or teaser lines – there’s a contest coming up for that.

Really there’s only one thing to say. Get it now. It’s $2.99 for seven amazing stories by some great sci-fi and fantasy writers. Go on – you know you want to.

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6 thoughts on “‘Missionary’. A Black Friday launch on Kindle!

  1. It’s on my Kindle! It’ll be my first read come December when I return my library books and NaNo is over (I’ve been hoarding books to carry me through the winter months). I’m actually quite excited to sample your fiction. Good luck with this venture, may it bring you Christmas cheer.

    1. Thank you – and I very much appreciate you buying it! I hope you enjoy the book – aside from my sci-fi adventure, it’s got some great stories by six other authors in it too.

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