It’s time to pick a tagline for my story – I need your help

My science-fiction novella ‘Missionary‘ is OUT as part of a compilation, Endless Worlds, Vol 1, by Australian publisher Endless Worlds Publications. This initial e-book issue will be followed, in February, by the full release – with all-new cover.

That means you get to read it now – and enjoy it later too. Like all good stories it needs a tagline, and I thought I’d get you kind folks to pick one for me. Here are the candidates:

(1) “You know what a bastard thing you were doing? Taking yourself out of the picture and leaving me and Xanthe to sort out which of us lived or died? Do you hate me that much?” When a force wrecks their starship and sends the crew mad, Cam Suttler has to conquer his demons and find new strengths before darkness destroys them all.


Wright_Missionary promo

(3) “Boring people sit about for a small eternity being boring and doing nothing for 800 pages, it’s called literature and you’ll sit through high school English classes without yawning and not complaining at being forced to read boring things, you stupid, stupid boy Wright, there will be an exam on this next Thursday.”

Oh wait, that last one is what my high school English teacher used to inflict on me. OK. Which one do you pick out of the other two? Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to check the story out, right now, on Kindle. Well?

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13 thoughts on “It’s time to pick a tagline for my story – I need your help

  1. #2 is catchy, all right, but where is Cam Suttler in that picture? Is she actually a hot lesbian chick? Somehow I thought Cam was a guy. Maybe I missed something…
    Seriously, though, it doesn’t seem like they’re describing the same book.

    1. Curiously, (1) and (2) are actually describing the same thing. I have a post next week explaining it in detail, but for now, let’s say there are several characters in the story. Cam Suttler, an alcoholic mock-minister with a self-confidence problem, is one of those characters…but not the only one. You’ll have to read it 🙂

      The compilation (with the six stories from other writers) just got a very glowing and independent 5-star review today on Amazon.

  2. Oops, I forgot I already picked it up! Will read when I can after several other books. Not enough time in the day to read everything! Lol! Best wishes for much success with this one!

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