Ways to wrap up your 50,000 word novel sprint

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – a worldwide spurt by writers to pen the first draft of a novel in a month – wraps up today.

Essential writing fuel!
Essential writing fuel!

OK, so you’ve got your manuscript. Finished or not. Polished or not. Probably not polished, actually – pushing out 50,000 words in a month, polished and finished, is something to tax even the most experienced writer.

The whole aim of NaNo, of course, isn’t to produce a finished novel – it’s to do the writing. It’s a learned skill, like any other, and the trick now is where next. My thoughts?

  1. Stick the manuscript in a metaphorical drawer for a month. Don’t look at it until after Christmas.
  2. When you do look at it, start reading from the beginning. Pretend you’ve never read it before.
  3. Now re-write it…

I pretty much guarantee that you’ll want to. And it’s worth succumbing to that temptation. Hemingway is always reputed to have said that the “first draft of anything is shit.” He’s right. But equally, getting that first draft written is also a challenge – one that NaNo helps people overcome.

There’s usually a lot of hard work, going from that first draft to a final book. Maybe the final won’t even match up much with the first draft – I mean, look at Tolkien, whose first casts at both The Hobbit and at The Lord Of The Rings were almost completely different from the finals.

It’s all grist to the mill – and it’s all good.

Go to it!

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3 thoughts on “Ways to wrap up your 50,000 word novel sprint

  1. Any pause and rewrite can be good. There was one humor piece I wrote that I started outdoing in the classic pompous-oblivious-narrator style. Someone mentioned how he disliked that, and I tried rewriting it in a more chatty form. The result was a lot better, not just because it was friendlier.

  2. I am going to keep writing mine as I have no intention of publishing and wrote it for myself. I agree though that looking at a manuscript with fresh eyes after a break can be beneficial.

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