Here’s to 2016!

Happy new year everybody! It’s taken me until 2 January to write a New Years’ post. I am trying to take a holiday.


I need one. Last year consisted of a succession of hammer blows for myself and family, coalescing to make one of the worst years since 1984.

As for 2016? The unknown stretches out ahead. A blank canvas – one to be moulded.

I’ve got a lot going on in my writing world. The Endless Worlds Vol 1 compilation will be issued in print and e-book format in a few months – new cover artwork included. I am also hopeful that my older military titles – reissued last year on Kindle – will be made available in print. And I have a variety of writing projects which I hope to bring to fruition, not just continuing to push for re-release of the best highlights of my back-list, but exploring some new and exciting directions for the future.

On this blog, look for more of the usual science stuff, my story-writing challenge will pick up in a couple of weeks, I’ve lined up various comments about stuff that interests me which I hope you’ll join in  discussing. This is a centenary year for all sorts of First World War adventures – especially New Zealand – and I will be covering off some of those as they come up.

WordPress sent me an email telling me I had so many blog visitors last year they could fill an Olympic swimming pool 2386 times over, or some such number. For my own part, I calculate that if every blog visitor I had were lined up, head-to-toe, they’d stretch a third of the way to the Moon, or some such distance. (Like all physics questions this also requires me to assume an average height and ignore the fact that a percentage will be the same people, while other visits were clearly automated.)

Silliness aside, I’m grateful to all my readers – thank you for your support of my little enterprise in this corner of the blog-o-sphere! And I’ll look forward to some great discussions coming up.

Watch this space.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2016

8 thoughts on “Here’s to 2016!

  1. What I want to know is if someone on your human chain to the moon lets go if you’re held responsible? You’ll be pleased to know this post arrived to me on January 1st. Who says there isn’t time travel? 🙂

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  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough year – we’d never have guessed from your consistently entertaining and thoughtful blog posts. From what I see on Facebook, almost everyone is feeling the same and clinging to the hope that 2016 will be better! (I know we are.) You go ahead and mould that canvas – mix whatever metaphors you have to to get the job done! 😉

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  3. That’s too bad. I was born in 1984.
    I love this blog because you discuss everything from science and history to writing and literature.
    I didn’t receive one of those WP reports like I did last year. Must mean my blog did very poorly in 2015.
    Hope for better this year. I look forward to your First World War posts in the coming months and good luck with all your writing endeavours.

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  4. Wishing you all the best this year. I hope it will be productive and full of positive experiences.


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