A challenge – why was this pier cut short?

My home town of Napier, New Zealand, has a new beach-front feature. A drain. Over which the city council has built what looks like a pier for quiet promenading. Except it doesn’t reach the sea.

Not so much a pier as a pi!
Not so much a pier as a pi-!

As I understand it, the decision was one of those opportunity things – you know, ‘we’ve got a new drain pipe, so let’s turn it into a tourist attraction’. And it’s certainly more attractive than a piece of concrete pipe pouring storm-water into the azure Pacific. But it still looks like it’s only half-finished, and that leads – well, you’ve guessed it – to a good deal of ill-informed speculation. Was it:

  1. The architect drew a full-size pier but only delivered Page 1 of the plan.
  2. The whole plan was delivered, but then everything except Page 1 was lost.
  3. It was actually finished, however French saboteurs arrived in a submarine and towed away all but the first bit.
  4. It was funded with money left over from renaming the local museum after a welding method, and this was all that could be built.
  5. It’s intentional: drains can be a tourist attraction too.

Or something – what’s your take on this one?

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4 thoughts on “A challenge – why was this pier cut short?

  1. I’ve played Half Life 2: the ocean level has dropped as the Combine remove our water through an inter dimensional portal.

    And yes, I’m well aware of the greatest flaw in the “aliens stealing Earth’s water” trope: we would be better off watching to see if Saturn’s rings are thinning out.

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