OK, holiday over – here’s what’s ahead for 2016

The holidays are over. 2016 awaits, and here’s what’s coming this year in Matthew Wright land.

You'll never guess where I took this photo...
You’ll never guess where I took this photo…

I’ve got a lot planned for this blog – the usual science posts, weekly writing contest, my regular weekend writing posts and more.

This year is also filled with writing projects and some exciting publishing developments – starting with the full print-and-ebook launch of the Endless Worlds Vol I compilation by Brisbane-based  Endless Worlds Publishing. The preview e-book only release has already fielded some five-star reviews (quiet ‘woohoo!’ here).

I’ve got some other writing projects lined up too. Watch this space.

What have you got coming up for 2016?

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8 thoughts on “OK, holiday over – here’s what’s ahead for 2016

  1. My list: 1. Publish the final book of the Herbert West Series in print. 2) Change the first book’s print version from 554 pages to a slim, trim 386 pages by eliminating excess space between the lines (this files under “do and learn”). 3. Start writing the next book. 4. Keep blogging.

    1. Best of luck for your writing – it sounds an exciting programme & all best wishes for every success! The ‘trim the pages’ plan sounds good – it’s amazing how much difference the leading makes to a book’s page length.

  2. Good luck for the year.

    I’m not sure what my goals for the year are yet, which might hurt me some. I am thinking of doing a fresh A To Z glossary for mathematics posts. Maybe some more comic-strip critiques on the humor blog since I like the subject and it seems popular.

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