It’s coming! You can’t avoid it!

Ten years ago I wrote a sci-fi ‘alternate Kiwi history’ collection for Penguin – a what-if satire, filled with wild science, llamas, rogue Spanish explorers and the chilling scenario of a Japanese invasion of New Zealand via the ‘back passage’.

Not to be taken seriously, unless you want a laugh. It’s been out of print a while. Well – guess what. It’s on its way baaaaaack under a new imprint. Soon. With revisions. Here’s a sneak preview of the new ‘industrial grunge’ cover. And yeah, I took that Spitfire photo. What’s all that got to do with sci-fi adventure in the South Pacific? Watch this space. Bwahahahaha! Just a couple of weeks now.

Meanwhile, click on that rather cool cover image to check out my other stuff on Amazon.

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