This week’s short-story challenge

This week’s writing challenge revolves around a photo I took of a New Zealand Dominican black-backed gull (Larus dominicanus) having its lunch.

Use the photo to inspire a 150-200 word super-short story – a proper one, with beginning, middle, end and punchline (all super-short stories gotta have a punchline) – and post it on your blog, with the prompt photo and a link back to this blog for others to pick up and join in the fun. of course the story can be about anything.

A seagull having lunch...
A black-backed having lunch…

This species is the most common of the three gull species in New Zealand. Populations of the other two, red-billed gulls (Larus novae-hollandiae scopulinus) and black-billed gulls (Larus bulleri), were recently found to be collapsing and there is thought that they may become endangered. Maori call these birds Karoro.

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