“Fantastic Pasts” now available for Kindle pre-order

Fantastic Pasts – Sci-Fi adventures in alternate New Zealand history is being released by Intruder Books on 2 April. It’s available now for pre-order in the Kindle store.

Fantastic pasts! A wild sci-fi comedy romp through an alternate Kiwi history that never happened. Thrill to the French gastronomic crusade through New Zealand’s Pleistocene fauna. Laugh at the antics of wild sixteenth century llamas. Watch as Britain joins the South in the US Civil War and New Zealand’s llama-barons cheer. Shiver in your boots as a volcano destroys Auckland. Imagine what might have happened had the US Navy been defeated at Coral Sea and Midway and Japan invaded New Zealand ‘through the back passage’.

First released in 2007 by Penguin, this new revised edition has more laughs, more stupidity – and more llamas. Fantastic pasts! New Zealand history that you never saw – and which you’ll never see again. Click to order. Beat the llama.

Click on the cover to pre-order your Kindle edition - release 2 April 2016
Click to pre-order your Kindle edition – release 2 April 2016

What people might have said about Fantastic Pasts:*

“A llama is a quadruped” – Kang the Klingon.
“Do I feature?” – Walter the Alpaca.
“Are we recording? Hello? Hello?” – Arthur Bracket III.
“A work of genius, if I say so myself. Subtle satire, wry political commentary, and endless herds of stupid South American quadrupeds.” – Matthew Wright.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2016

*No quote guaranteed accurate.

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