Happy Easter everybody!

It’s Easter already – and yeah, I know it’s a little early this year. But I still can’t believe how quickly 2016 is flying past.

Have a great Easter everybody. For me it’s a family time – no writing and not too much online time for a few days, though there’ll be a post on Saturday.

What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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12 thoughts on “Happy Easter everybody!

        1. I didn’t know that! NZ used to be part of the Pacific Rim diaspora in the nineteenth century with a lot of terms shared with the American frontier. Maybe that’s the origin of the common term here?

          1. I was unaware of that connection. That’s interesting.

            Around here the phrase is pretty common, even though most of the country around here is steppe, rather than wooded land. We do have wooded land of course, but I’ve always thought the phrase interesting here as people generally don’t occupy the woods.

  1. Heading down to Nelson to help an old friend celebrate a milestone birthday before he flies back to London. We’ll wander up the Maitai Valley and recreate the days of old. There may be swimming – if we’re brave. There’ll definitely be food and wine and lots of laughs. Unbeatable!

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