‘Battle for Crete’ – free 9 April 2016

My book Battle for Crete: New Zealand’s Near-Run Affair, a brief history of New Zealand’s close-run defeat on Crete in 1941, is free 9 April 2016 only (US time, 10 April NZ time) on Kindle – and sitting at No.1 in its category as I write this. You can get it instantly, on Kindle.

Wright_Battle for Crete 450 px


I wrote this book in 1999, and it was published in 2000 by Reed NZ Ltd under the title A Near-Run Affair. Reed republished it in 2003 with a new title, which has been retained for the mildly revised Intruder Books edition. This edition is part of a reissued military history series of mine. Don’t forget to check ’em out – here. If you haven’t got a Kindle, you can get a Kindle reader for whatever device you own, here.

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