Hot news about the full release of ‘Endless Worlds’

Last year my sci-fi novella ‘Missionary’ was published in Endless Worlds Vol 1, part of an anthology of seven sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories.

That Kindle-only issue was a pre-release ahead of the full publication, and it fielded some great reviews:

Endless possibilities. Dark natures and some dark solutions. Endless worlds gripped me from the beginning to the end of the book. My reaction…WOW! So intense, compelling and yet I was so ensnared I could not stop reading. From one story to the next you had to find out what was happening even if you didn’t know how it would end. Exceptional Sci-fi writing, it’s even scares you at the thought of “what if?” My imagination is working overtime” – Kerry, Goodreads.

Now the full release is happening – paperback, e-book and with an all-new and very cool cover.

EW Vol I Cover 2 450 px

More soon. And the best news is it’s available right now on Kindle – click on the cover or the links to check it out.

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3 thoughts on “Hot news about the full release of ‘Endless Worlds’

    1. Thank you! I’d be interested to know what you think. In my story I deliberately eschewed the ‘modern’ sci-fi concept of ‘superheroes who are everyday characters’ and went for an explicit ‘Golden Age atomic super-science’ homage, wrapped around the idea of ‘ordinary characters have to find strength in themselves to be heroes’.

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      1. I like that spin for a change since fantasy is not reality in our everyday lives. We all must find our strengths from within. Will let you know after I read it. My TBR list is extensive! 😄


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