Writing for the joy of it

One of the reasons people often decide to write is for the joy of it. There is a good deal of fun in being able to sit down and create something that wasn’t there before.

Wright_Hobbiton4It’s a joy that, I suspect, soon gets lost amidst the heavy learning curve that constitutes writing.

You know – when you start off not knowing what you don’t know, everything looks easy (= fun). Except suddenly it isn’t.

There’s also the issue of deadlines. Get rolling on a published career, and they’ll intrude soon enough. After a while they can also make writing a bit of a dogged exercise, even if it was fun to write the original draft.

Add to that the need to hustle – to keep finding new places to sell the work or to promote what’s already out there – and the whole thing swiftly turns into something of a chore.

Sure, the joy’s still there, but the other bits tend to be rather like a ‘day job’ and sometimes not all that much fun.

My recommended cure is ‘recreational writing’ – sit down for a couple of hours and write something for the joy of it. Don’t expect to sell it.

Actually, you might expect to throw it away at the end of it.

But it’s going to be fun.

Do you write ‘for the fun of it’ that way?

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6 thoughts on “Writing for the joy of it

  1. Good advice. I think sometimes we have to search for the fun in life, not just in writing. It doesn’t have to be serious all the time. 🙂

  2. Ha ha, the last time I sat down and decided to write for the fun of it I ended up with a short story that featured the most devious and funny heroine I’ve ever written. She just sort of kicked me out of the chair and took over. Didn’t see that coming.

  3. I do quite a few blog challenges – usually they’re pretty short and lots of fun. However, one led me to another, longer story which I’m now working up into a novel! I think, even if you are under pressure and feeling the need to ‘produce’, taking a step back to write for fun is an essential part of writing life.

  4. So far, my writing is really just for the fun of it. I’m learning quite a bit along the way. I’m learning to write well by instinct rather than thinking about it so much. I’m building “writers muscles.” I hope to someday make money from it and I think that’s where the “chores” will begin as you say. So hopefully I’ll remember your missive and remember how to have fun with it. 😉

    1. There is a secret to making money from writing. It’s closely guarded. I haven’t discovered it myself yet… (just yesterday I learned that a TV appearance I’d been discussing which grew out of some writing I did was being paid for by ‘exposure’ even though everybody else in the production will be paid and the show itself is for commercial gain. Urgh!).

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