The obscure word of the week is unctuous

look_it_up_T httpwww.clipartpal.comclipart_pdeducationdictionary_10586.htmlThere are over a million individual words in English. Most of them are quite obscure and deserve better attention than they get. This week’s is unctuous.

Unctuous – being over-the-top with flattery in an attempt to ingratiate; it also means greasy in the literal, not the behavioural, sense. It’s from Middle English, ultimately of Latin derivation.

Your challenge? Write a sentence (or two) in the comments using this word.

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7 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is unctuous

  1. The priest who administered extreme unction to the dying man had an inappropriately unctuous manner. (I’m sure “unction” is related, since it involves anointing with oil).

  2. My word, that gun of yours is of fine make, good sir! And you hold it so steadily with powerful yet sensitive hands. Oh, I’m not being unctuous, I just want to live!

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