The obscure word of the week is infulminate

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One of the more obscure English words I’ve seen is infulminate.

It means ‘to make thunderous’, and is a reference to skies. Your challenge? Use today’s obscure word in a sentence, down in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is infulminate

  1. Not quite re thunder but its antecedent of lightning.
    Fulmen, fulminis, noun, 3rd declension
    “1. Lightning that descends and strikes anything.
    2. [Fig.] Lightning, destroying power: hence of any violent or overwhelming calamity or misfortune:
    [also] severe punishment.
    3. [Of] any person or power that cannot be resisted, a thunderbolt; [also, of] bright fiery eyes.’
    Riddle JE. The Young Scholar’s English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary. London: Longman 1843.


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