My website’s had a mondo makeover

My main website has had a major makeover.

Out went the old fixed-size site with steam age HTML coding – some of which dated back to 2001 when the site was first set up. It used to look like this:


In came a modern CMS with a fully responsive layout – which means it’ll look good on mobile. It also means Google can properly index it again. And it looks like this:

The old website... (click to go to the new one).
The new website… (click to go to it).

That CMS also means I can update the site much more easily, which is handy. There are certain bragging rights to coding in HTML, but the novelty of hard-coding my old site wore off about three weeks after it was up.

The new site is basically finished, although there’s some work still to do – including porting the non-fiction book section across. That’s a major job, scheduled for September: but there’s a placeholder page meanwhile. And there will be ongoing updates.

As an opening special I’ve added some free downloadable wallpapers from my commercial photographic set.

Click here and check it out.

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5 thoughts on “My website’s had a mondo makeover

    1. I pondered which way to set that up. White on black is not good for lengthy text for sure. But it makes the graphics pop and is a contrast to my blog look. I may yet change it. There is a bug in the slider-header code too, which I have to look into. I can get some expert advice on the mechanics of it – I know just enough to get myself into trouble… ☺


  1. I have to agree with @susielindau. I like the design, but white on black is not easy on the eye. But, with a lack of experimenting, where would we be?


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