The ultimate Pokémon Go list of facts

Places I haven’t found Pokemon

1. The middle of the road.
2. Behind locked gates
3. The toilet.
4. Anywhere at all because I have to get the app first.

Places where people have found Pokemon

1. The middle of the road.
2. Wind turbines.
3. Under a fountain in the middle of the harbour.
4. Across the road, three doors down on the left, behind a hedge.

Things people probably haven’t found while playing Pokémon Go:

1. Jimmy Hoffa
2. Aliens.
3. The True Cross.
4. Wombats

Words I don’t use about Pokémon Go but wish I could

1. Nintendo stocks
. Profit
3.  Dividend cheque

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11 thoughts on “The ultimate Pokémon Go list of facts

  1. Awesome. I’ve just written a serious business article about this.

    In Manchester three people got mugged due to the game, so be on your wits if you dare to be the very best! The servers crashed in Europe over the weekend but I managed to catch two in Manchester. One on top of my colleague at work, but the other was in my bed.

    In America, people have been jumping off moving buses to get at Pokemon, so this is a serious business. I’m sure Nintendo is pleased with its $7 billion market value hike, too.


    1. Thank you! I find that my favourite bookshop is a ‘poke stop’ (whatever that is) which might bring them more customers. Me? Chances are I won’t be loading the game on my phone, though I wish I had Nintendo stocks so I could load some of their dividends into my bank account…

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  2. I’m laughing so hard now, and partly bitterly because when the Pokemonia started, I wanted to get some stock, but it takes day or two to deposit money to the account 🙂 By that time the price doubled! And I gave up. I couldn’t believe it would keep climbing up!! But it is, 20$ a share a day! That’s insane… I gave up for good, because this is becoming a dangerous gambling game at this point. 🙂

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    1. The way share spikes go it’ll probably dip again, but it’s that trick of selling at the top that’s the one… 🙂 (There was the time here in NZ where NZ Rail, which had been privatised in the 1990s, ended up as junk stock at a few cents a share. I wanted to buy some but by the time I got on to it, the price had shot back up again on rumour of a government buy-out (which eventually happened).

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