This week’s short story challenge

This week’s short story challenge is a photo I took in 1991 of an RAAF F/A-18A Hornet approaching one of their B707 tankers for a drink.

I was in the tanker at the time wearing my journalists’ hat, with my trusty Pentax SLR and a roll of Fuji 100 ASA film (the Pentax remained trusty until 2004 when it broke in Notre Dame cathedral). The B707 tanker was an interesting aircraft – one of four 707’s used for that work by the RAAF’s No. 33 Squadron. It was ex-Qantas and the conversion (in the rear section at least) was minimal – it retained the last half dozen rows of seats and the original Qantas 1960s vinyl lining. This pic was the best I could get through the very small windows of the B707.

Photo I took of an F/A-18A in 1991...
Photo I took of an F/A-18A in 1991…

Use the photo to inspire a 150-200 word super-short story – a proper one, with beginning, middle, end and punchline (all super-short stories gotta have a punchline) – and post it on your blog, with the prompt photo and a link back to this blog for others to pick up and join in the fun. Of course the story can be about anything.

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