The Smoke On The Water riff vs my vintage synthesiser collection

Instruments I have played the ‘Smoke On The Water’ riff on:

Close-up of the filter controls of my Moog - er - quantum healing device...
Close-up of the filter controls of my MicroMoog.

1. Various pianos, except a Bosendorfer 91-note grand, on which I played ‘Louie Louie’.
2. Moog Modular Model 15 (lead only, I don’t own this one, it’s the modular they produced in a suitcase for carrying around gigs, but I DID once tyre-kick my way into playing one).
3. Moog Micromoog (not the chords, and the ribbon controller is worn out on my Micro).
4. Roland Alpha Juno 2 (6-note polyphonic, I’ve owned this one since 1986 and it has a wicked 6-note slave system for techno-style power chords).
5. Yamaha module plugged through the Alpha Juno 2 as MIDI controller (it’s not USB compliant).
6. Guitar (this is ALL I can play on a guitar).
7. Ukelele (ditto).
8. One-string banjo (again, monophonically…).
9. Korg MS-10 (obviously not the chords, but I need to soak both the pots and the keyboard bus with CRC to get rid of the static/earthing noises first. It’s an old synth these days and I usually end up using it to stop odd socks falling off the top of the drawer set it sits on.)

Matthew 1988 recording session 2

Me in my mis-spent youth playing something or other on my Roland Alpha-Juno 2 (possibly Louie Louie, actually).

Instruments I want to play the ‘Smoke on the Water’ riff on:

1. Kazoo.
2. Sousaphone. Usually confused with a tuba, but unlike a tuba you can pick it up and walk around behind fat people playing the ‘Air is Getting Slippery’ riff by Primus the way Stewie did on ‘Family Guy’, except I’d be doing the ‘Smoke on the Water’ riff. Note to self: learn how to play the sousaphone first.
3. The pipe organ designed by Ralph Downes and installed in the Royal Festival Hall, London. It has 7,866 pipes and there must be stops that let it emulate Jon Lord’s Hammond (Lord doubled guitar with the Hammond on the original song, which is why guitarists alone have so much trouble exactly matching it).
4. The glockenspiel in the clock tower in Brugges (I did want to play ‘Louie Louie’ on it, but when I was there wiser people suggested it would be impolitic to ask).
5. The historical commander’s piano at Port Arthur (see (4)).

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