Explaining Our Weird Universe Volume 1 – cover reveal!

I have exciting news. My short book Explaining Our Weird Universe Volume 1: cool stuff about time, black holes and quantum magic, is being released on Kindle, initially, on 17 September.

Already the pre-sales have outstripped previous records for my books on Kindle release. In it I explain – ‘for the rest of us’ some of the cooler facts about relativity, quantum physics and the real magic of the universe. Readers of this blog who’ve seen some of my physics posts will know what to expect. It’s all about the weird and wonderful – why our real universe is stranger than we imagine, and why it’s totally cool because of that. It’s a short book – six collected essays giving a swift overview of the essential weirdness underlying our everyday world.

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Click to buy

All going well, it’ll be followed by other short volumes detailing all sorts of geeky stuff in more detail, everything from Big Bang Theory to interesting discoveries about dark matter.

And it’s available right now for preorder on Amazon.

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