Three days until ‘Explaining Our Weird Universe 1’ is unleashed!

A reminder that my short book Explaining Our Weird Universe 1: cool stuff about time, black holes and quantum magic, is being released on Kindle on 17 September. You can pre-order it right now on Amazon

It’s a short book, collecting together six short essays explaining some of the cooler and weirder realities of our universe – ‘for the rest of us’. It’s a quick overview of the real magic of the universe.

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All going well, it’ll be followed by other short volumes detailing other geek stuff in more detail, everything from Big Bang Theory to interesting discoveries about dark matter. And there’s every possibility of a print edition if sales look good. That, of course, is why you need to pre-order it. Now!

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3 thoughts on “Three days until ‘Explaining Our Weird Universe 1’ is unleashed!

  1. I read Flatland the other week, by Edwin A. Abbott – very entertaining and illuminating it was, too. Strangely, though, I guess I have partially been living in a 2D world all my life with the Mario games I’ve played.

    I will be sure to pick this up – concise science is always excellent. I find the verbose, detailed stuff kind of flies over my head.

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    1. Thanks! Do let me know what you think. It just struck me that, like Mr Abbott originally, I could have written my book under a pseudonym – though I have to say that ‘A three-dimensional space-time manifold’ doesn’t quite have the same ring as ‘A Square’…

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