Explaining Our Weird Universe 1 – out now!

My short science book Explaining Our Weird Universe 1: cool stuff about time, black holes and quantum magic, is published today.

I’m very pleased to have been able to write this. It’s an introduction to the way physicists see the universe just now – a series of short essays exploring some of the weirder concepts of the universe. And they are, really, pretty much like magic. Real magic.

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If you’ve followed this blog for a while and enjoyed some of my science posts, you’ll enjoy this book. And you can buy it on Kindle, right now.

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7 thoughts on “Explaining Our Weird Universe 1 – out now!

    1. Cool! Glad you’re enjoying it. I had a great time writing it – the idea of extreme physics as a kind of dada-esque art form floated in on me and simply HAD to be worked into it.


  1. Sounds fascinating, Matthew. I added it to my wish list. Look forward to reading when I have some space on my TBR list – it is bursting at the seams. So many books to read and so little time. Sigh! Best wishes for much success with it! Love the cover!!

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  2. Glad to be here, Susie sent me and when Susie has a party it’s always a wild ride and a blogging goldmine!
    Now following you and sharing! 🙂
    Hope this week treats you kindly. 🙂


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