Get Writing Fast – cover reveal!

My short book How to Get Writing…Fast, is being released for Kindle on 1 October. You can pre-order it on Amazon right now.

Translating the perfect concept you hold in your imagination to the imperfect words of the printed page is way harder than it looks. This short book is designed as a quick-start overview to help kick-start your writing. It offers a break-down of what writing entails and a method for coming to grips with all that’s needed to get going – fast. It draws from my formal training in the field, and from over 30 years hands-on experience as a writer and in the publishing business, to provide a specific method that breaks writing down to its essentials.

Click to pre-order
Click to pre-order

It comes hard on the heels of my geek book on Einstein and relativity, but that’s the way books tend to go – a flood of them after a drought.

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8 thoughts on “Get Writing Fast – cover reveal!

  1. Certainly an evergreen topic for writers, no matter how many times we’ve done it before! As you and Hemingway say, we are all apprentices. It would be nice if you offered a sample or a “Look Inside” on Amazon for those unfamiliar with your work.

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