Five star review for ‘Get Writing Fast’

My short book How to Get Writing…Fast has fielded a wonderful five-star review on Amazon.

Childrens’ book author Janice Spina says:

Matthew Wright has written this book to help writers learn how to get writing and fast! With his thirty years as a successful author, editing, publishing and knowing the ins and outs of writing he has put all this experience into this wonderful quick start guide.

get-writing-fast-cover-450-pxThe author gives insightful lessons in writing style, structure, using software or not for the writing process, word count, proofing your work, the importance of a title, cover and log-line and the use or not of adverbs and adjectives, and how to keep your readers interested in your book.

After reading this excellent guide I want to get back to writing and putting some of his suggestions into practice.

I’m grateful to Janice for her vote of confidence! And, of course, you can check my book out for yourself. Click on the cover to buy, and it’s free to Amazon Prime users for 2016.

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    This is a wonderful resource for authors. Please check out this great little book by Matthew Wright, author extraordinaire, who promises to have more of these books in which to share his expertise in writing, editing and publishing. Thank you, Matthew. We authors need all the help we can get to make our work more polished.

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