How Germany Nearly Won Wikipedia and other search strings

My blog got found the other day by the search string ‘how Germany nearly won Wikipedia’.

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It intrigued me, not least because I didn’t know Wikipedia was something winnable. Then there were all the other possibilities attached to winning things – you know, ‘How the West Was Won…by Germany’, or ‘Win Lotto Before Germany Does’, or possibly ‘name a World War Germany Won’.

That last is a trick question, of course – the answer is ‘yes, the one Napoleon started’.  The Prussians won that in 1815 when Fürst von Wahlstatt Graf Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who believed he was pregnant with a pink elephant at the time, took the Army of the Lower Rhine into the field at Waterloo to help Arthur Wellesley win the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. Or something similar.

Given the way search engines work, of course, this particular string might also have involved somebody wanting to find out what Wikipedia had to say about the World Cup.

Of course it probably wasn’t, and I expect the actual answer they were probably looking for ‘don’t start a two-front war in Europe’ or something. Who can tell?

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3 thoughts on “How Germany Nearly Won Wikipedia and other search strings

  1. Haha. I just found out that someone found my blog by searching for “Bungie Fishing.” No lie. Maybe I wrote about that and forgot? Anyway, why would someone look for that? Doesn’t everyone know Von Blucher was pregnant with an Elephant? I believe it was periwinkle, though. 😉

  2. I got pingback from a giant woman fetish site for a piece I wrote about giantess cults in pre-Christian Scandinavia.

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