The obscure word of the week is thalweg

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There are over a million words in English. 

One of the more obscure is thalweg, a geological term meaning a line connecting low points in a valley cross section.

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8 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is thalweg

    1. English is such an amazing language – around a million words, I believe. Richest vocab of any world language, obtained mainly by mugging said languages and stealing their words… ☺

  1. Matthew, do you open your OED to a random page, with your eyes closed, and stab a blind finger onto the page in hopes of finding these little linguistic gems of yours? “Thalweg”? Fabulous.

  2. Almost certainly of Scandinavian origin, keeping in mind that the Saxon tongue and Old Norse were mutually intelligible.

    Indeed, knowing enough about them to know bits and pieces, this one I actually guess the meaning to before I read it.

  3. Loved this post too Matthew, ha…a great word.
    I played a very funny game recently with a batch of ladies on a weekend away. I was gamemaster. I picked 20 or so random obscure words and their meanings. I gave one word to each person who had to make up an alternate meaning. The next step was to read the word, and read the two ‘meanings’ and the rest of us had to guess which was true.
    My favourite funny? Obscure word “yonic”. (you can look that up.) but everyone believed the alternate definition – a strong Yugoslavian alcoholic brew made from Elder berries. (It helped that it rhymed with tonic!! ha ha )

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