What’s your favourite super-power?

If you had a choice of super-powers, which one would you pick?

A large solar flare observed on 8 September 2010 by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Public Domain, NASA.
Dr Manhattan walked on this… Public Domain, NASA.

Personally I’d go for Dr Manhattan’s, off Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore’s Watchmen. OK, it makes him look like a radioactive Smurf.  But that super-power also makes him indestructible, immortal, and gives him total control over determinist (space-time) and quantum worlds, which means he can do anything.

In both the graphic novel and the movie Dr Manhattan (real name Jon Osterman) saw quantum events, transmuted matter (including complex objects), teleported anything anywhere, telekenised complex objects, and knew his own future. He divided himself into multiple and independently functioning copies and altered his own physical size and appearance at will. He could generate an aura around others that protected them. He was shown walking through walls, on water, on the Sun – and at the end of the graphic novel talked about creating life. Nor could he be destroyed, even after being atomised.

What he could do with his super power was never defined – and it was clear in the graphic novel that Gibbons and Moore visualised his power as essentially godlike. The fact that this same super-power made him lose interest in human matters was a very cool twist – and realistic. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Not for Dr Manhattan. Earth simply ceased to interest him. Besides, who wants to be interested in this place when you look at the mess we’ve made of it.

Set that against the usual super-power – you know, ‘I can roll my tongue sideways’ or ‘my name’s Captain Statue, and I can stand very still’, and you see why Dr Manhattan’s is my pick.

Which super-power is your favourite?

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5 thoughts on “What’s your favourite super-power?

  1. I don’t know that I’m ready for “godlike” powers. I think my superpower would be to control synchronistic events, although, from a semantic point of view if no other, “controlling” such events might remove the “synchronistic” part. But that sort of contradiction seems to be at the root of most superpowers!

    Failing that, how about the ability to speak only the truth, but more, people know you’re telling the truth? With the corollary power of knowing when someone deliberately lies? Although, if someone merely repeats a lie while believing it’s the truth, would you know that? Hm. Guess I need to work on that superpower a little bit…

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  2. Dunno about the best but the worst superpower has to be Daredevil in the Netflix series.

    He has the ability to take a punch. (Well he also has excellent hearing due to being blind but his main talent is to be a punching bag.)

    Love the series by the way. Especially season 1.

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  3. oh wow- that’s an amazing power!! from now on I reckon this will be what I pick (although to be honest I’ll probably just default back to my regular answer of telekinesis- but the one that’s like Chronicle where you can fly as well as move stuff)

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