My article in the very first issue of Scaffolding

Launched this week: Scaffolding, a quality arts magazine by a US-based publisher. I’m excited. I hope you are too.

I’ve got an article in the very first issue, exploring my writing life as seen through my typewriters. My piece begins:

In April 1951, Jack Kerouac fed one end of a very long piece of paper into his Underwood Portable. Three weeks later he finished drafting what remains one of the best American novels ever written: On The Road. Think writers, and we usually think typewriters – Hemingway with his…

For the rest of the article – well, you know what to do. And there’s a lot of stuff besides mine in the mag – human-interest pieces, short stories and photographs, all wrapped up in a full-colour hardback expression of design art. Hard cover? Sure. This magazine’s designed as a collectible. I’m told soft-cover and online editions are coming soon.

The magazine’s available here:

I’ve got a short story due to be published in the second issue – the first story in my Gods in Twilight cycle.

What’s more, Scaffolding are going to publish a podcast interview with me as soon as it can be arranged. How cool is that?

More on that soon.

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