The obscure word of the week is oracy


4 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is oracy

    1. So obscure even the post vanished! Oops. I just picked that up. I pre-schedule these. There’s a bug in WordPress that eats them. The issue is that when switching to the ‘improved’ editor, it’ll often be slow in loading (it sticks on calls to third-party sites) and won’t load the contents before the auto-save, which then auto-saves it as empty. I had it happen to several posts and raised it with the Happiness Engineers – who were really excellent and confirmed there is an issue, but it’s one their programmers haven’t been able to quite nail down. I tried to send them diagnostics, but couldn’t then reproduce the fault. I went through my posts trying to find any that had been blanked – must have missed this one. It was only a couple of lines, defining ‘oracy’ which is a reference to fluency when speaking.

  1. The oracy of the presidential candidate was impacted by his lack of vocabulary and pigheadedness. Not that it mattered. After he spoke, the crowd that gathered, cheered for ten minutes straight after he promised something not understandable. It sounded like words, but no meaning came attached to them.The nightly news casters, afraid of missing out on a scoop, used old talk points issued by the campaign in place of an opinion.

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