My interview with Radio Southland – enjoy

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Terry Toner of Radio Southland. We had a great chat, his Book Show aired on 12 April – and here, for your listening pleasure, is the podcast.

I’m introduced in the opening, and my interview starts at 7:22, where I cover off everything from my interests in science fiction to the cataclysm of the First World War, my adventures on TV, and what happens when people get hostile in reviews. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “My interview with Radio Southland – enjoy

  1. Nice interview. Towards the end the comment was made about people always finding fault no matter what you write. While not new, it hit home today. I think that’s why my writer’s block has been so bad for so long. I’m trying to write to please everyone. That’s impossible. I wrote my first novel about characters I liked. My characters talked to me, but lately they’ve been quiet. Maybe they’re not happy with the mold I’m trying to squeeze them into.

    1. I think it’s important to write in ways that please you as author – bear the audience in mind but don’t try too hard to second guess them. They will follow or they won’t; and I think the fact of writing so.ething genuine to your own convictions will shine through and attract more readers than an attempt to compromise your intent in order to contrive appeal. The issue I have in New Zealand is that the intellectual world revolves around a deep set bully culture, and it isn’t hard to provoke the malice of total strangers in it. Just writing in their territory suffices.

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