The obscure word of the week is moue

look_it_up_T httpwww.clipartpal.comclipart_pdeducationdictionary_10586.htmlThe obscure English word this week is moue.

Really it isn’t an English word, of course. It is stolen from French (along with a lot of other English words) and means a pout. Your challenge? Write a sentence (or two) in the comments using this word.

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2 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is moue

  1. Rather than spend a fortune on botox to obtain what some call “fish lips”, I have dedicated my life to selfies in the bathroom practicing my moue. Perhaps, rather than being called fish lips, the moue should have been called the moo. Mouing (is that a word?) is a humid and lonely pastime, but I keep the bathroom mirror clean. 🙂

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