The obscure word of the week is covfefe

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This week’s obscure English word is covfefe.

Until this week it was so obscure nobody had even heard of it. I have no idea what it means. Your challenge? Can you come up with a dictionary-style meaning? In the comments.

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14 thoughts on “The obscure word of the week is covfefe

  1. Matt,

    Very good! Can’t wait to see what your readers come up with.

    My understanding is that covfefe is the trade name for a new drug coming out. It’s a type of anti-anxiety pill that relieves the sufferer from being overly concerned by ignorant, buffoonish politicians; and instead causes the sufferer to laugh heartily when confronted by their bluffs and mendacity. Ask your doctor if covfefe is for you.

      1. KokkieH,
        I’m sure if the new drug is popular enough, a “generic” will soon be available…looking like demand is already high here in the US. We need it!

  2. Context: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” One is thus tempted to say that “covfefe” is simply “coverage” misspelled.

    Wired Magazine, though, stating that “giving meaning to the meaningless” is one of the Internet’s great strengths. Further, that such meaningless words become great humorous hashtags.

    In other words, here’s a chance to have some fun! So let’s see:

    covfefe, n. A state of negligence regarding the actual usage and meaning of words. “The statements of Pravda and Izvestia on Party positions would in the future be seen as examples of absolute covfefe.”

    covfefe, v. The act of making a misleading hash out a related collection of facts. “The story covfefed the hell out of the events of June 1, 2017, in Washington, DC.”

    I leave possible adjectival use to others. Alas, satirical humor is not my gift, and this particular event simply begs for biting satire!

    Robert Heinlein, in describing “the Crazy Years,” would instantly have understood the uses of “covfefe.”

  3. With regard to my earlier comment about satire, the Babylon Bee reports “covfefe” was part of the code to order a nuclear weapons release.

    I said to myself, that HAS to be a joke.

    And it was. But for a sick tenth of a second…

    1. Um… ouch! Do you remember the video for Genesis ‘Land of Confusion’ where Reagan’s bedside ‘nurse’ and ‘nuke’ buzzers were adjacent?

  4. I thought it might be related to kerfuffal or however it’s spelled, so I put your email aside until I looked it up. Then I read a newer email about the President’s fun with this word and it’s simply a typo! Thank you for the laugh. My sentence is the headline for the article – President Donald Trump’s Mysterious “Covfefe” Is The Hilarious Tweet Heard Around The World.

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