Endless Worlds – Volume 2 – now on preorder

While trying to rescue his parents from the clutches of city Enforcers, a young soldier finds himself trapped in a war of ancient powers – and has to find the strength in himself to make a terrible choice.

My new novella, ‘The Last Citadel of the Innocent’, is being published on 8 July in the second Endless Worlds compilation – eight stories by established and new authors of dark faerie, fantasy and wonder. Click to pre-order.

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Mine is a dark tale sprung from a heady combination of the Nibelung myths, the French revolution – all written to a soundtrack of Sirenia, Therion and Serenity (the Austrian metal band whose lead writer and singer has a PhD in history).

Although inspired by northern mythology, my story and plot is wholly original – it’s set in the Gods in Twilight universe that I’ve been developing for a while now.  And that’s just one of the eight tales in this volume by a range of new and established fantasy writers. It’s faerie – but it’s not for children.

And wait – there’s more. If you pre-order now, you get a free bonus e-book – choose from four possibilities, including my sci-fi comedy history. How cool is that? Here’s the gen: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVf3WyElkKp/

So – hie ye hence to Amazon! Click and buy, my friends. You won’t be disappointed.

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