A letter addressed to both of me!

A while back I got a letter – a real letter, on paper, in my PO Box – addressed to: “M J Wright c/- M Wright”. The usual outcome of over-zealous database entry adventures, but it begs a conversation:

I think there’s only one of me…

M: You’re me, aren’t you?
MJ: Sure am.
M: Then why do they think there are two of us?
MJ: Search me.
M: It’s a worry, because now we won’t know which of us has to pretend to be Mr Psychopath at 8.00 pm on alternate Tuesdays when replying to things people sent us in the post. Whose turn is it next?
MJ : I can’t remember.
M: Me neither.
MJ: Who’re you again?
M: No idea.

Copyright © Matthew Wright 2017

5 thoughts on “A letter addressed to both of me!

  1. You wouldn’t think “Thomas Burkhalter” too common a name (OK, other than the “Thomas” part), but a few years ago I got a letter from an attorney (solicitor type) congratulating me on my recent sale of property and cautioning me about proper reporting of capital gains tax. Well, the letter was addressed to Thomas Burkhalter, at my home address, and since I don’t own any real estate, you may understand my mildly panicked reaction. So I called the attorney; the paralegal insisted it must be me, since … that was the name in the phone book. But it turns out there’s another Thomas Burkhalter who lives in the next county, and DID sell some property.

    Perhaps a Doppelganger…?

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    1. Extraordinary! Yeah, my own name is far too common – I rang the Chief Electoral Officer once who told me there are 42 others on the electoral roll in New Zealand. And that’s quite apart from the world. I’ve been actively confused with some of the others, including by telcos chasing money. Weirdly, I’ve written books on railways… and there’s a Matthew Wright who ALSO writes books on railways, right here in New Zealand. The mixups have been a bit hilarious. The other major writing mixup has been between me and a professor of ancient history at Bristol University who, according to Google, wrote all my books. I did approach Google over that one but it’s complex to fix. The record of my authorship is held publicly by the New Zealand National Library, which holds legal deposits of all publications by Kiwis. Sigh…

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      1. OK, gotta tell ya this one. I go by “Tom” because the childhood nickname I was saddled with was unbearable by the time I hit my teens. So I’m in a physics class at university, small class, only eight of us. The first day the professor walks in, looks around, and says “Good morning, Tom.” In perfect and unrehearsed chorus the class replied, “Good morning, Dr. Muir.” Every one of the eight of us was a “Tom.” We had a good laugh about it, and I reflected on the old phrase “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry…”

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